A story of flavors

GustaMente was founded in the homeland of Tortellini, between Modena and Bologna, its roots lying deep in the culture of hand-rolled egg pasta.
Its excellence comes from the Montanini family, an ancient, noble dynasty from Tuscany, who moved to Emilia Romagna in the 15th century. In time the Montaninis became a symbol of the passion for the traditional flavors of Emilia and beyond.
In the late 19th century, the Montanini family owned a famous restaurant in the province of Modena called “La Posta”. In the 1930s the role of head chef was held by Grandma Domenica, considered to be the best “pasta queen” in town thanks to her skill in rolling the thinnest sheets of pasta using her trusted canela (the traditional rolling pin used in Emilia). She made her mark for her culinary skills, using recipes handed down through the generations, and her tortellini, tortelloni and tagliatelle were as unique as they were memorable. 

And these are the values behind GustaMente, the product range in which the skills of Emilian pasta makers blend with innovation focusing on wellness.