Sales Conditions

Terms of Use and Sales Conditions
Access to and use of the website (hereinafter referred to simple as the “website”) are subject to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions constitute a contract between you and Taste Italy S.r.l., so please read them carefully before using the services available on the website. In using the website and its services, you implicitly declare that you have understood and accepted these rules.

Terms of Use of the website​
The use of the website is intended for both private users, businesses and professionals.

The website has a “public” section, which is accessible to anyone, and a “reserved” section which is accessible only to registered customers.

The design, graphics, images, sounds and all other elements in the website are the property of Taste Italy S.r.l. and any full or partial copying or imitation is forbidden.

Notifications in digital format
When using the website or sending e-mails and other notifications from a computer or mobile device, you are communicating with us in digital format.
We may also communicate with you in various digital forms, for example by e-mail or by publishing messages on the website or through our customer service.
Without prejudice to specific binding legal provisions, for the purposes of this contract, you accept to receive our notifications in digital format and acknowledge that all contracts, notifications, information and any other communication we may provide in digital format comply with the requirement of the written form, where so provided for by law.

Use of the services​
To access the services you must register using the specific form. You will then be asked to confirm your registration, and from that moment on you will be able to view all the contents of the reserved area. 
To purchase products on the website you must register as a user and accept the relative Privacy Notice as well as these Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale.

Protection of your Account​
Having registered on the website, an account will be generated for you to use the services reserved for registered users. You must protect your account and keep all access data reserved, and in the limits of the law in force, you must access that you are responsible for all activities performed using your account.
You undertake to guarantee that your access password is safe and protected, and to promptly notify use if any problems arise, for example, concerning the loss of your access credentials, any suspicion of unauthorized attempts to access your account, etc.
You also undertake to ensure that the data in our possession is always updated and truthful.
Taste Italy S.r.l. is not responsible for checking the truth of the data you provide us.
By creating an account you accept to not use it for any purposes other than those intended and, in particular, you undertake to not attempt to use the account for the purposes of fraud or with the intention to cause damage to the website, Taste Italy S.r.l. or third parties.

If we note any use of your account which contravenes the instructions given in these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to suspend or close your account. In the event of any breach of the applicable laws in force, you shall also be responsible for any acts carried out using your account.

Amendments to the service and variations in the Terms of Use​
We reserve the right to amend the services offered on the website or these Terms of Use at any time in order to offer new services or improve existing ones, or to comply with new legal provisions.
Using the website, you shall comply each time with the Terms of Use in force at the time of using the website.
We shall indicate any variations of the Terms of Use on the website.

Waiver of action
In the event of a breach by you of these Terms of Use, our waiver to take action against you shall not be deemed a waiver of our legal rights to take action for any breach of the obligations undertaken herein.

Registered Trade Marks​
The trade mark “Gustamente” is the property of Taste Italy S.r.l. and is protected by current copyright and registered brand protection laws. It is forbidden to use the trade mark for any reason whatsoever without the prior signature of a specific agreement or in any case without the issue of an explicit written authorization by the owner of the trade mark.
Any other registered trade marks which may appear on the website or the property of their respective owners and their presence on this website shall not in any way authorize the use of such trade marks for any purpose whatsoever.
Taste Italy S.r.l. reserves the right to take legal action in the event of any breaches of the use of its registered trade marks

The website is the property of Taste Italy S.r.l. which may be contacted as indicated below:

Registered office
Via G. Galilei 164
41126, Modena


Customer service

Sales Conditions​
These Sales Conditions govern the sale of products on the website.
Please read these Sales Conditions carefully before proceeding to make purchases on the website. Customers placing an order implicitly accept all the terms and conditions laid down in this document.

How to purchase a product
Customers may purchase the products on the website as described in the relative information sheets.
The products may be purchased by the customer using the e-cart on the website and the decision to purchase must be subsequently confirmed at the end of the procedure.
Purchases using the e-cart may only be completed by customers registered on the website after accessing the website using the credentials given during the registration procedure.
Unregistered customers may complete the registration by entering the required data on completion of their first order.

Invoicing and purchasing documents
By completing the purchase, customers accept to receive the invoices in electronic format by e-mail.
A hard copy of the invoice will usually be included in the package received by the customer. If the hard copy of the invoice is not included, if a copy in digital format has been sent by e-mail, this shall not be considered a breach by Taste Italy S.r.l., as the customer must print and keep the digital copy of the invoice.

Prices and product availability​
All prices shown on the website are inclusive of VAT at the legal values in force, unless otherwise specified.

When surfing the product pages, you will find information on the availability of the products. The indications provided are the only ones we are able to provide and we are not able to give more precise information. If due to any errors, misunderstandings or malfunctions or any other reason the quantity of the product ordered by you is not available at the time of preparing your order for shipment, we will contact you to agree on how to proceed.
You may decide to cancel the order, cancel only the product that is no longer available or accept any available quantities where less than those ordered. If the presence of the product which is no longer available in your cart consequently leads to a special offer or special price or any other special conditions, we reserve the right to exclude the application of these resulting special conditions from your order.
In any case in which the result of the choice made leads to a difference between the amount paid at the time of placing the order and the actual value of the goods purchased, the methods by which Taste Italy S.r.l. will refund you (if the difference is in your favor) or by which you will pay the difference (if the difference is in our favor) must be agreed.

Please consider that the times for preparing, shipping and delivering your order are purely indicative and it is not possible to rely completely on what indicated. Some of the phases involved in processing your order are beyond our control, including for example the shipping times, and we can therefore not in any way guarantee the indicative times shown.

Methods of payment​
The products in your e-cart must be paid for exclusively in the methods indicated during the purchasing procedure.
We reserve the right to modify the methods of payment indicated on the website at any time, and the use of any one of those available at any time shall not guarantee that it will be possible to use the same method of payment in future.

Security of electronic payments​
Purchasing on our website by credit card or PayPal is secure: the data is encrypted during transmission and even we are not able to access it.
Moreover the payment data is recorded directly by the website that manages it and Taste Italy S.r.l. does not manage or directly store the data.

Payments by PayPal are secure and the user account data is not notified at any time to Taste Italy S.r.l., which receives from PayPal only the payment confirmation for the order for which the payment was requested. Any exchange of information concerning the user’s PayPal account and relative credentials is managed autonomously, directly from the PayPal website. You may find all the information concerning the security of their systems directly on the PayPal website.
When you navigate through the HTTPS protocol, the website uses the most common and renowned protocol for secure transactions on the WEB: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), supported by the most commonly used browsers.
This system ensures that reserved information travels on the Internet only in encrypted form, thus guaranteeing that it cannot be read by any intruders, even if they were able to intercept them.
Right of withdrawal​
Every customer purchasing products for personal use and not for professional purposes may withdraw from the purchase contract with no penalties and with no justification.
This right, governed by Italian Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014, protects the consumer who is a physical person, and may therefore not be exercised by legal or physical persons acting for any purposes referring to their activity (i.e. businesses and professionals).

Again in compliance with the law, the right of withdrawal shall not apply if the object of the sale is the “supply of goods which risk rapid deterioration or expiry”. For this reason the right of withdrawal, as governed below, may not be exercised for fresh products, identified in the website in the categories of products indicated as “chilled”.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, send notice to Taste Italy S.r.l. in that sense within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. The notice may be sent
•    by e-mail to:
•    by registered letter with advice of receipt, addressed to:
Taste Italy S.r.l.
Via Saragozza 3 (Ang. Via Cerlacchia)
40050, Loc. Bagnarola - Budrio (BO)
Once the notice of withdrawal has been received, the Taste Italy S.r.l. Customer Service will promptly provide you with instructions on the methods for returning the goods, which must be received by us within 14 days following the authorization.
The right of withdrawal shall not be valid if the returned goods:​

•    Are no longer sealed in their original packaging.
•    Are not carefully packaged in a box or protective envelope guaranteeing the return of the goods in the same conditions in which they were delivered to the customer.
•    Have any damage due to causes other than transportation to the customer.
•    According to law, the shipping costs for returning the goods shall be paid by the customer, who is responsible for the shipment up to the time of receipt of the goods by our warehouse.

Having received authorization, the customer must ship the products to the address indicated above within five working days following receipt of the authorization.
Taste Italy S.r.l. shall proceed to refund the amount taken from the Credit Card by bank transfer (please provide your bank details), refunding the cost of the goods shipped and the original shipping costs within 14 working days from the date of shipment of the returned goods and in any case not before receipt of the goods.
In the event of expiry of the right of withdrawal, Taste Italy S.r.l. shall return the purchased goods to the sender and charge the relative shipping costs.

Cancellation of an order​
Without prejudice to the provisions of this document concerning the right of withdrawal, if, within a short time after submitting an order on the website, the customer realizes that he has made an error, he may contact the customer service to ask for the order to be canceled.
Taste Italy S.r.l. reserves the right at its sole discretion if the conditions exist to accept the cancellation of the order and shall provide all relative instructions.

Variations to the Sales Conditions​
We reserve the right to amend the services offered on the website or these Sales Conditions at any time in order to offer new services or improve existing ones, or to comply with new legal provisions.
Using the website, you shall comply each time with the Sales Conditions in force at the time of using the website.
We shall indicate any variations of the Sales Conditions on the website.

Waiver of action
In the event of a breach by you of these Sales Conditions, our waiver to take action against you shall not be deemed a waiver of our legal rights to take action for any breach of the obligations undertaken herein.

Applicable law​
The sales contract between the customer and Taste Italy S.r.l. is governed by Italian Law. If the customer is a consumer, any civil or criminal disputes relating to the conclusion of this e-commerce contract shall be referred to the courts in their place of residence; in all other cases, the disputes will be referred exclusively to the courts of Modena.